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Something For The Weekend? Three From Russia

Here are three bands from Russia that have caught my ear recently.


Июльские Дни – Колокол

Google translates the band and song name as Bell by the July Days and it’s an impressive EP that romps through guitar orientated post-punk territory with unabashed abandon. The highlight for me is the powerful sounding Крутится-вертится (Spinning, Spinning).


Буерак – Влюбленный Альфонс

Translated as Love Alphonse by Buerak I like this as it gives post-punk a fresh lick of paint. Very catchy and with a punchy vocal style. I am already checking out their previous work.


промзона 96 – гордость

The band actually provide an English translation of their name which is Promzona 96 and the song title itself translates as Pride according to you know who. It’s a strong, slow building experimental tune that has a DIY feel. Gonna investigate further!

If anyone who reads this speaks Russian and notes that google has translated anything wrong could you please let me know any corrections. Ta!


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