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LadgoneAnother three pack for your discovery/enjoyment etc. The first two featured in the recent podcast and it’s only fair to give them more of a mention.

The Lads Mags – The Future’s Done

Excellent 1960’s girl band influenced garage from Canadian’s The Lad Mags. Of the two tracks available it’s opener Bed of Bones that does it for me and I stupidly gave it the wrong title in the aforementioned podcast – now corrected. Reagrdless of what it is called it’s an excellent track. It’s available as a free download/pay what you want from their bandcamp page.



Fascinations Grand Chorus – Fascinations Grand Chorus

More 1960’s influenced tracks this time from the grandly named Fascinations Grand Chorus. Opener Welcome is a full on driving 1960’s tinged floor filler and the other two tracks follow a similar but more restrained path. Available at er, you guessed it, bandcamp.



The Crystal Furs – Tunnel Vision

Texans The Crystal Furs make music that blends a mix of influences over the two tracks on this release whether it’s Alt rock, Throwing Muses and Belly or a mix of jangle pop meets psychedelia. It’s on the second track Miss Hughes where they impress me most with catchy melodies and vocals. Tunnel Vision is a taster for their forthcoming debut album and is available as a pay what you want or free download.



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