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Records I Like Top 10 2015


2015 was the year I listened to the shoegaze and post punk revivalists in earnest. Club AC30 and Manic Depression Records both deserve a mention alongside the usual cohorts of Dufflecoat Records and Oddbox Records who delivered their signature brand of indiepop, diy and noise pop.

I also started listening to full albums again with efforts from The Chills, Beirut and Robert Forster being high on the recommended list. I am still catching up with my backlog though and being heavily played these past few weeks are the likes of Appendixes and Tomiji.

So without further ado here is my top 10 of 2015! Tracks that missed the cut include efforts from Trust Fund, Joanna Gruesome, The Agnes Circle, Girl One And The Grease Guns ,The Spook School, Noizz Factor, The Morelings, Agent Blå, Zombie Girl, Don’t Cry Shop Girl and far too many others to mention.

However before the drumroll special mention must be given to The Morelings for the cover version of the year.


10. Chvrches – Leave A Trace (Four Tet remix)

Four Tet takes an average synth pop track and turns it into a thing of beauty.

9. Jessica & The Fletchers – She’s so drunk on (Strawberry Wine)

This takes me back to the mid eighties when I dressed in black and had a silly haircut. I still have the haircut and thanks to Jessica & The Fletchers I still have the C86 inspired fuzzpop tunes. Taken from their debut album Connecting People.

8. Peaness – Fortune Favours The Bold

The standout track from their debut No Fun EP. Catchy and addictive. Not fun at all!

7. Fever Dream – Serotonin Hit

The first of two entries from the Club AC30 label in this years top 10. Lead single from the excellent Moyamoya album demonstrating that indiepop, noisepop and shoegaze can be easily fused to perfection.

6. Hard Left – Kicking It off

As the UK surrendered to both English and Scottish nationalism ushering in another 5 years of Tory Rule we needed an American Punk band to take us back to our ideals. Best cover art in 2015 by far too. Riot, riot, I wanna riot!

5. The Haywains – Are You Making A Fool Out Of Somebody New?

Pop music should be fun as The Haywains demonstrated on their excellent Bobby Gentry’s Tears EP. Great live too and laughs abound as demonstrated at the Dufflecoat Records Alldayer last month. This is the standout track from the EP for me. Cheers peeps!

4. Beirut – Gibraltar

A great single from a great album. Not my usual listening fare but it’s outstanding to these ears. Oh those hand claps!

3. New Order – Plastic

Standout track from the Music Complete album that saw the band consolidate their place once more. Amazed that it’s not a single given the vast remix potential but I guess that is because it is almost perfect as it is.

2. Chorusgirl – No Moon

This made me want to shout out loud when I first heard it and it still does six months later. This came out on Oddbox Records but can now be found on the band’s debut long player on Fortuna Pop.

1. Pinkshinyultrablast – Holy Forest

Best album, single and live act of 2015 for me. The greatest thing to come out of Russia since Trotsky blew me away on all fronts this year. Singer Lyubov Soloveva’s vocals and dancing are to die for. Judging by the forthcoming single The Cherry Pit 2016 is going to be no obstacle either.

Well that’s mine. Feel free to leave your choices in the comments below. Have a happy new year!


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