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September Round-Up


Blimey – where has the month gone? I know I have been busy at work but. Anyway here is a round up of what I have been listening too these past few weeks. And if you want to listen whilst you read (or just listen) here is a Minlogs playlist covering tracks from this post.

I am sure you have heard it already but if not The Radio Dept. released their first single in four years Death to Fascism at the beginning of the month to coincide with the Swedish general election. Mighty fine it is too (as well as the sentiment) and sounds like The Mary Chain’s Reverence over a thumping beat. Free download too.

Elefant Records have had a busy month. The Primitives released a new single and the title track of their forthcoming album Spin-O-Rama whilst there were also new singles from Helen Love and The BMX Bandits. The latter is a free download by the way.

More free downloads (or pay what you want) are on offer via Oddbox Records. The first singles from their long sold out 7″ 100 Club are available digitally and feature Flowers, Martha, Fever Dream, Cars Can Be Blue and Gum. You would be a mug to miss them.

Talking of 7″ singles that is the format Dufflecoat Records will be concentrating on from this point forward. Well from their last ever CDR single release at least. Russia’s Palms On Fire deliver four tracks that make it a rather decent farewell to that format at the label. You can get it free digitally from the band.

The Debutantes have members of The September Girls in their ranks but even without them they would still be bloody good as demonstrated on their debut EP Burn The Merchandise which is out next month on Soft Power Records. Sublime fuzzy pop.

Catalan indie rockers Univers, whose album L’Estat Natural is still up their with my faves for 2014, appear on a split limited edition 7″ single with the flip side being taken by Celica XX. It’s out on LaFonoteca Discos and the digital version is available as a free download. Might investigate Celica XX a bit more too as they sound like a Goth version of Manhattan Love Suicides.

Dublin’s Sissy have a self titled cassette out – I like their vibrant punk pop sound. It’s available as a free download. Also available free is the demo by The Palmettes which is unashamedly indiepop. It’s good enough for me to forgive them using a ukulele (please don’t get me started).

Beko’s latest release are two tracks by Cre•scen•do which are classic guitar driven alt rock. Somethin’ is the pick of the two for me and having found out both tracks here are taken from the bands debut full length release I will be investigating that pretty soon. Listening to that may explain why the tracks are tagged as shoegazing and dreampop amongst others!

Still not listened to these tracks yet?


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