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Records I Like – Songs of 2013 (Part One 10 – 6)


It’s that time of year again and I thought I would try and list my 10 favourite tracks of 2013. Y’ know the ones that are on constant repeat or the ones that stick in the brain whether it’s due to the vocals, melodies, political content or that they just scream pop at ya. There have been a number that did not make this list but just rummage through the blog to find others that have impressed me greatly. You may like them too. Or not as the case maybe but that is what Records I like is about. Anyway here are numbers 10 to 6……

6. Pale Spectres – Helen Of Troy (single, Little Treasure Records)

7. Salient Braves – Somewhere Sordid (single, Dufflecoat Records)

8. Nova Nova and Peter Hook – Low Ends (single, Atal Music)

9. Dead Horse One – He Goes Down (EP Track, aquick1 records)

10. Cosines – Hey Sailor Boy (single, Fika Recordings)



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