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The Hobbes Fanclub – Stay Gold

Stay Gold is taken from The Hobbes Fanclub debut album Up At Lagrange which was released this week on Shelflife Records. You can pre-order it here or those in the … Continue reading

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Joanna Gruesome – Liar

Liar is taken from the new split release with the lo-fi sounds made by Trust Fund. It is soon to be released on DIY label Reeks of Effort (or Happy … Continue reading

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Failed Flowers – Demos 2014

I am sure they could of come up with a name far better than Demos 2014 because these tracks from Ann Arbor’s Failed Flowers are perfect as they are. I … Continue reading

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Literature – Chorus

Literature’s debut album from 2012 Arab Spring has been one of my finds on bandcamp. I rarely play albums these days but it is one I come back to now … Continue reading

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The School – When I Fall In Love

The School’s new single is part of the singles club at Where It’s At Is Where You Are or just plain wiaiwya to me and you. It’s unmistakably The School … Continue reading

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Lemonion – Go Out

Ah this is good. Nice and raw. Reminds me of the DIY pop the Swedes used to make in the middle of the last decade i.e. Spring Factory & The … Continue reading

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Flowers – Joanna

Here is another track taken from Flower’s debut album Do What You Want To, It’s What You Should Do which is due out next month. New single Joanna was originally … Continue reading

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Pang – Young Professionals

Just to prove that everyone hears things differently I have read a lot of comparisons of Pang to The Long Blondes. This is a bit wide of the mark for … Continue reading

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Worries – Age

One of the highlights of the recent Beko Summer Compilation was Those Days by Worries. I was impressed enough by their homage (well his seeing as it’s 22 year old … Continue reading

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Earth Girls – Wrong Side Of History EP

Only one of the four songs here manages to get past the two minutes but it all makes for exciting and explosive garage punk inspired indiepop, none more so on … Continue reading

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